The Joshua Tree House is a vacation rental and second home owned by Sara and Rich. After falling in love with the sleepy desert town off Twenty-Nine Palms highway, they eventually purchased an open-style hacienda that could be lovingly re-designed and re -decorated as a second abode and high-dez hideaway.

Handmade in Los Angeles, California, Crescioni pieces are designed to age and weather over time. Argentinian Vegetable-tanned leathers darken and soften with wear. Natural brass tarnishes after prolonged use. While the design is bold and minimal, there is something organic and casual about all of her designs that make Crescioni pieces super wearable and decidedly western.

Imagine yourself in Texas right now, underneath the drooping string lights of some small-town patio bar, listening to the soft spring rain on the tin roof, watching as the rain grows into brown, silty puddles and runs in mighty rivulets down the gutter to the soft ground .